About Apex Remodeling & Contracting

With 20 years of experience as a full-service exterior remodeler, Apex Remodeling & Contracting is ready to help you up your curb appeal and fall in love with your home.

Apex Remodeling

Our Story

Apex Remodeling & Contracting is a one-stop shop for all your exterior remodeling needs. As a full-service exterior contractor, Apex Remodeling & Contracting handles all exterior projects homeowners may need, including roofing, siding, windows, painting, gutters, decks, and more!

Apex Remodeling & Contracting started in 2017 as a family business. What was once a side hustle quickly grew into a full-blown business servicing the Wichita, Kansas, and surrounding areas. Ready to help homeowners upscale their homes and turn up their curb appeal, Apex Remodeling & Contracting prides itself on getting the job done right and leaving its customers satisfied.

At Apex Remodeling & Contracting, you can have your roof, siding, windows, and more upgraded with the knowledge that they’ll use only the highest quality materials. With a passion for renovation and customer connection, your project will be in good hands.

Our Core Values


We are ALL accountable for our actions, both individually and as a team, to our customers and to our business partners. We take extreme ownership over our actions.


We actively strive towards a high standard that promotes the best version of ourselves and provides the best experience to our customers.


Both internally and externally we strive with positivity and enthusiasm to keep communication at the highest standard.

Personal Development

We are committed to being the best version of ourselves at work AND at home by putting in the work that others are not willing to do. Through that we set ourselves apart to win each and every day.

Customer Centric

Everything we do and can control puts the customer front and center, being empathetic to their investment in us and to their experience when choosing us.


It can be annoying to deal with multiple service providers, calling around, and scheduling appointments. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all of your exterior remodeling services. With us, you’ll have a clear outline and schedule of all of your projects, and we can ensure that the outside of your home is cohesively designed and precisely what you’re looking for.



Our Address

734 N Maize Rd
Wichita, KS 67212