Payment Options For Your Roofing Project With Apex Remodeling & Contracting LLC

A roof is one of the most important parts of a house, yet it is often one of the most neglected. A leaky roof can cause serious damage to a home, while an old roof may not be able to protect the home from severe weather. Either way, a roofing project can be expensive, and sometimes homeowners don’t have the money to afford it.


Roofing projects can range from simply repairing a few shingles to completely replacing the roof. The project’s cost will depend on the size and scope of the work and the materials used. At Apex Remodeling & Contracting LLC, we understand that a roofing project can be a big investment. We offer financing options to help make the process more affordable.




What Financing Options Do We Have?


Apex Remodeling & Contracting LLC knows that a new roof is a big investment. We also know that sometimes, people need a little help when affording a new roof. That’s why we offer financing options for our customers. We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get the roof they need, regardless of their financial situation.


We offer a variety of financing options, including:


-No interest if paid in full within 18 months: This option is available for those who qualify. You can pay for your roof over time without accruing any interest with this option.

-Low monthly payments: We have several options available with low monthly payments. You can budget for your new roof and not worry about a large upfront cost.

-Deferred interest plans: With this type of plan, you can finance your roof and pay it off over time. However, suppose you do not pay off the full amount within the promotional period. In that case, you will be responsible for paying any interest accrued.


Apex Remodeling & Contracting LLC is one of the best roofing companies in Wichita, KS, committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. No matter your financial situation, we can work with you to find a payment option that fits your needs. 


Find The Best Financing Options At Apex Remodeling & Contracting LLC


Getting a new roof is a big investment. You want to make sure you get the best possible deal on financing. At Apex Remodeling & Contracting LLC, we offer several roofing services and financing options in Wichita, KS, to fit your needs. We work with major lenders to get you the best interest rates and terms.


We also offer our in-house financing. This option is great for those who don’t qualify for traditional loans. Our in-house financing is based on the value of your home, not your credit score. That means that you can get approved even if you have bad credit.


If you have any questions about our financing options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.