The fall season is already here, and it can be very exciting for many homeowners to change the look of their homes. It can be done by simply painting the house’s exterior. A new coat of paint can go a long way and make your home look amazing, and choosing the right color and type of paint is essential.

But what are the benefits of adding a new coat of paint? If you’re a homeowner wondering the same, you’re in the right place. This blog post will discover the hottest exterior painting colors for this fall season, their benefits, and the best house painters in your area. Keep reading!

Benefits Of Giving Your House A New Coat Of Paint

  • Protects it from harmful elements: A coat of paint works as a protector from wear and tear, dust, and grime. It also helps your walls last longer, and keeps your home clean and free of allergens and moisture.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Using the highest quality paint can increase its value and be less expensive than other decoration methods. 
  • Increases its value and makes it more visually appealing: A new coat of paint will increase your house’s curb appeal and improve its longevity, which is important if you’re planning to sell. Also, hiring exterior painting services will provide high-quality results.

Painting Trends For Fall 2022

Once we’ve gone through the importance of painting your house, it’s time to discover the top exterior painting colors for the fall season of 2022:

Guilford Green #Hc-116 Benjamin Moore

Guilford Green is a perfect autumn color because it’s not too intense. You can pair this shade with rich green touches to create an interesting design element, such as textured pillows and velvet bench furniture for that commercial look you’re going for.

Buxton Blue #Hc-149 Benjamin Moore

Cinderella blue is a magical color that will make any white furniture seem new again. This soothing shade brings calm to the busy school season and can be used in your bedroom or office for an instant dose of charm.

Stone Harbor #2111-50 Benjamin Moore

Stone Harbor is a great choice because it has undertones that are less likely to clash with other pieces in an environment. 

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